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Provides recipes for any meal of the day.

Vil and Zoe’s Galley is all about Recipe. Named after our mothers Vilma (Vil) and Zoe, whom for us, are the best chefs in the world. Fondly remembering what they serve for us on our meals back when we were still living with them make us overwhelmed that what we do is remake what they cooked. And it really brightens our day! As the saying goes, good food = good mood.

From appetizers to desserts, from West to East, most of our recipes are staple in our kitchen and have personal touch to us. Some of the recipes are adjusted to our personal taste that we think you’ll also love. Whether it is a special occasion or an ordinary day, try to make one of these. We guarantee you that you will not regret trying one. Not unless you don’t have the sense of taste anymore! Just kidding! You can adjust some of the ingredients here according to your preference. Remember that you can use these recipes as guide but you can also do the Maths; add, subtract, multiply, and divide. What are you waiting for? Get up, turn on that stove or oven and start making one of our recipes. Enjoy!

Expect more recipes from us.

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